Monday, January 16, 2012

Right Now.

Right now, I have the heater cranked up, my warmest jammies on, a blanket draped over my lap, and one draped around my head, a la little baboushka:

I am also, right now, nursing a fever, a cough, and some uncomfortable chest congestion.
(Please read that last part carefully:  chest con-gest-ion.  If you are like me, and quickly skim blog posts, and accidently read a work, mistaking it for another, note that says congestionNot constipation.  Because...well, ew.  This is not that kind of blog).

Oy vey.

Nothing some medicine, liquid, and Anne of Green Gables marathon can't help, I suppose.

I hope you, rad readers, are enjoying your MLK Jr. day in a much more pleasant fashion. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

What?  I have a blog??

A blog that has been sitting here, unattended to, since October?? 

Well, I've had every intention of wandering back into my corner of the web, but, you know, life sometimes gets in the way of intentions...

How about this?  A recap!

A lot of holidays sure have gone by since I was here! 2011 finally ended!  Yippee!  I'm so glad!  It was...different.  Not bad, but not neccassarily great. 
I am looking forward to this new year, and what it will bring.

I'll pick up where I left off:

1.  I finally joined a gym, and am slightly obsessed with it.  I love knowing I have a place to go and workout, and unwind, and relieve the days stress.  It's simply fabulous!

2.  I signed up for my first 5k!  I'm super excited about it, but nervous as well.  I opted for the timed run, and have started training.  I have until March, so I'm feeling pretty confidant so far.

3.  I paid a professional logo/marketing designer to create my new logo at the photography blog.  I love it.

4.  My grandmother fell ill at the end of the year, and is currently living in a full care facility.  Many of my readers don't know the whole story behind my relationship with her.  It's pretty strange, and not great.  I feel sad for my mom, who has to work through the inevitable:  losing a parent, regardless of the relationship.  Maybe someday I will share the condensed version.  But, for now, she is under excellent care.

5.  Christmas was very simple.  I spent Christmas Eve with my parents, and we all ended up sick, which pretty much derailed all of our plans.  At least the illness hit while I was on break from work, right?

6.  New Years Eve was spent with the friendlies, and we had a blast as usual.  We participated in a random Egg Nog drinking contest, because none of like it, and we thought it'd be funny.  It was, in fact, rather disgusting to chug a cup of nog. 

7.  My dear friends nephew, Simon, who is 18 months old, slipped while getting out of his bathtub on December 29th.  He hit his head and suffered a brain injury, and is currently at Children's Hospital.  My group of friends and I have been praying for his full recovery.  God is good, and Simon is in His Hands.  Will you please pray, too?

That should catch us up!  I am itching to change the look of the blog, and maybe paint my own 'header', so that will be in the works! 

I hope you had a great time celebrating the arrival of 2012! 

I promise, I will be back soon... :)