Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Aqua Wall.

What a weekend! 
(And Monday...and Tuesday...oh, look it's nearly midnight...so Wednesday as well).

The move went very well, and I have most of my unpacking completed. 

The apartment layout was completely different than what I had envisioned, but I love it.  I do have my pink living room wall, and the color really makes me happy.

I opted against painting in the kitchen, but there was a wall that just needed to be painted pale aqua.


The stats:
Red rolling cart:  thrifted/refurbished
Clock, mirror, and cupcake liner jar:  graciously gifted
Fabric:  JoAnn's Fabric
Vintage floral pitcher and egg cups:  gifted
Vintage fawn:  antique shop
Frame and ribbon:  Michaels
Dorothy picture:  a card I received in the mail

I'm a little bit in love with it.  Of course I took the picture before making a trip to the farmers market, where I bought a lovely bouquet of flowers, so just imagine that the floral pitcher is bursting with spring flowers.  Oh, and the pictures were taken in natural lighting, so the color is slightly different.  I think it's much bluer in person.

I loved the Dorothy card so much, I framed it, and hot glued ribbon to the back of the frame and hung it up.  I'll be adding a few other small pictures as well.

There you have it!  The small aqua wall space, jazzed up with fun finds and gifts. 

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