Sunday, June 15, 2014


I've got to try to blog more.  I probably won't...but I can at least try.

Okay, first things first...if you live in San Diego and plan on visiting the San Diego (aka Del Mar) Fair, go check out the Fine Art Exhibit, because...I have a piece on display!  Yes, my little Bumble Bee Girl was selected out of hundreds and hundreds of entries to hang out with some seriously fantastic art by some immensely talented artists from San Diego.  I am humbled, and honored to be among so much talent.  She'll be there until July 6th, so go take a peek if you can!

My Dad accompanied me to the Fine Art Reception, and we had a wonderful time.

I believe the Lord is calling me to focus more on my art, which is a talent He has given me.  I'm excited to embrace a new season in my life, one which will allow for more time to spend with my art and hopefully make the transition into private sales and galleries...there are a number of galleries I am looking into for portfolio submissions, most of which are in LA and San Francisco, so I'll keep my readers posted as I move along.

Want to see an acrylic work in progress?
I finished her recently (acrylic on canvas, 16x20") and am working on her companion piece.  Just in case you were wondering how some of my art begins.

I have more stuff to share, but I think I've rambled enough for one post, so I'll check in later!