Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moving On Up!

I officially sign my lease this Friday!

I fear that once everything is moved into my little space, it will resemble a room straight out of 'Hoarders'.  Only, without the rats.


But, all in good time.

Friday = Lease signing, walk through, and PAINTING.

I'm in love with pale aqua and bright red, so my kitchen will have those themes.

But, I'm playing with the notion of a PINK accent wall... 

In the living room. 

I saw a photograph of a room, with a neutral couch, a pale pink coffee table (which I have), a pink wall, and pops of blues, oranges, greens, and whites.

It was rad, a million times over.

I've always been a little hesitant about pink walls, because the first thought that comes to my mind is always 'nursery'.  But this picture, from Romantic Homes, was fabulous and very grown up.

However, Friday's walk through will help me finalize the colors, the furniture layout, and all that fun stuff.

Oy.  So much to do! 
But, I cannot wait to show you my finished space!


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Anonymous said...

To my incrediably talented Daughter...you have been waiting a very long time for this event...worked hard...saved your money and now you are going to begin a new phase of life...your Dad and I are very proud of all you have done to get to this point and we know you are going to love being the "woman" of the house...the kitties are waiting anxiously to join you!