Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome to A Little Shabby Sparrow!

Hello, blog friends!

After much thought, I have decided to bid farewell to Accessorize Your Life (it will be kept for archive purposes, and eventually merged to this blog).

Rather, I wanted to begin a fresh blog, for the new phases in my life.

To date:  I've moved from California to Texas and back again.

I have been staying with my lovely, gracious, and wonderful 'second parents' during my transitional period.

My parents have journeyed back to California, several months after I did.

As of April, I will be in my very own apartment, my own little nest, so I've been bitten by the decorating/shabby chic/do-it-yourself bug.  I have a few crafty ideas mulling around in my brain to share with you soon!

A personal recap:


I am three decades plus one year old...that's 31, folks:  31.


I am still single, and finally have peace about it.  I know God has an amazing Mr. out there for me, and as hard as it is sometimes, I am relying completely on His perfect timing.

Old Blog Posts:

Regular readers of Accessorize Your Life may recall my Weight Watcher journey.  It's still happening, despite a few setbacks.  I am back on track, and have some things to tell you about!

Loving God:

My testimony is simple:  I became a follower of Jesus at a very young age, and have been in that relationship since.  I may not have had life altering moments in my walk with Him, but I would love to share the quiet moments where He has revealed Himself to me, in different situations, and different ways.

There it is, folks!  Thanks for stopping by!

P.S.  This blog is still 'under construction', please excuse it!!

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