Tuesday, February 28, 2012

La Petite Chienne.

So, my friend donated some craft magazines to me (so kind!) and I was reading one of them just the other day, called Mollie Makes. Soooo fabulous! It is from the UK, and it consists mostly of knitting/sewing crafts, but includes a few other forms of craftiness as well.

I am not a knitter and have never tried my hand at sewing anything beyond a loose button, but in the magazine they had the most darling patterns for miniature felt dogs. And by miniature, I mean 2-4".


Right away, I tell my friend that one of the projects on my 'to-do' list is to create one of these felted canines. We discussed having a time to craft together (Um, D: I know you are reading this, and we must pick a time for tea and crafting!), we bid each other a great weekend, and we went along our merry ways.

On Monday morning, at work, she nonchalantly hands me a tiny giftbag and said she made one of the dogs.

BAM. Just like that, like some sort of genie! She is so talented, and let me tell you, I am dying to collect all of the pups!!

Allow me to introduce: La Petite Chienne (The Little Dog):

I know, right? Absolute cuteness!

Thank you, D! I love the little pup!

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