Sunday, March 4, 2012

14 Days Chocolate Free.





I have a slight addiction to chocolate. I admit it. All chocolate (except white, because...well, it's just pretending to be chocolate, and makes a mockery of the real thing.): brownies, candy, cookies...all that junk food that we know is so wrong, but tastes so.darn.RIGHT.

As many of you know, I am a member of Weight Watchers, and it's all about tracking points, moderation, and no restriction. Cool.


I will gladly swap my WW points for chocolate anything, any day. I've noticed it has become more than just something I enjoy. The cravings are out of control. I'll use it to reward myself for good things, like working out for 45 minutes at the gym. Awesome logic there: Work your hiney off, sweat like a beast, change your body, and in return, you get...junk food? Um...maybe not the greatest strategy in the world...

More importantly, I have realized that I am choosing it over what I really want, and often crave: fruits, veggies, lean proteins. You know, the good stuff. By doing so, I find my WW tracking journal is rather unbalanced. More junk than healthy options fill my journal pages. If my leader ever asked to see my journal, I'd be embarrassed.

Someone should make a sign: Will Cheat for Chocolate.

Because that's what has been happening.

I'm not just cheating...I'm cheating myself.

So, I've decided, albeit rather begrudgingly, to cut out chocolate for 14 days. Two weeks, chocolate free. Really, just to prove to myself that I can do it, and beat it, and hopefully extend the cut.

Why 14 days? Because a month sounded too daunting. Two weeks sounds doable. I want to succeed, not set myself up for failure. Please, if you are doing something similar for a month, awesome!! I don't want it to sound like I'm bashing you. I originally wanted to start with a month, but for me, 2 weeks is the best starting point. For me.

So, tomorrow (yes, tomorrow. Tonight, I have a date with Hershey. We are going to have a fabulous time), as in Monday the 5th of March, I will begin my 14 day fast from chocolate. I have 2 exceptions: my whey protein powder and my calcium supplement. I use my protein shake for workouts, and it is naturally flavored and low in sugar. It's very expensive, and I'm not willing to give it up. Besides, though I love it, it does not compare to chocolate milk or shakes. At all. And my calcium chew is taken once a day, and tastes like a chalky tootsie roll. I'm pretty certain that it won't be my downfall. But everything else is going.

Anyone want to join in? Perhaps for you it is not chocolate, but something else? Leave a comment here, and let me know! You can do it!

I'll check back in with my progress in a week!

Let's do it together!

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Shannon said...

I found myself in the same boat but with sweets in general. Sweets... any kind of sweets. So I cut them out for the month of March. I think your two week plan is perfect because it is YOUR plan. There is no cookie cutter plan. Everyone is different. And the great thing is, you can extend it if you want to! You set a realistic goal for yourself and that is one step closer to succeeding. REALLY proud of you Angela! Keep up the great work. I am working hard on my 50/50 plan. Numbers haven't moved much but I am not giving up!