Thursday, April 26, 2012

So Much More.

I want to be in control...
of everything in my life.

God comes along...
always there,
asking me to trust Him.

Have Faith, daughter, He tells me.
Seek Him. 
He whispers promises to me.
He hears my heart.
He knows my words, before I ever speak them.

I find myself looking for Him, longing to feel His presence.
He's always there.  Always, always.
It is me who is distant...
I run to His mighty arms, and He restores my weary soul.
He holds me.
He sees the me I keep hidden.
And loves me more than I can ever fathom.

He loves me.
Even standing in the midst of my sin and shame.
He forgives me.

More than my mind can ever know, or understand,
He sees me and still,
He loves me.
More than I will ever comprehend.
More than I would ever dream.
More than I will ever know, this side of Heaven.

So much more.

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