Sunday, April 22, 2012


Today, I longed to go to the beach, to sit with my journal, to read my Bible there.  To hear the unending song of the sea.  To watch the sun setting behind vast waters.
I long for moments of solitude.  I always leave the beach feeling like I’ve found clarity, and my muddled thoughts are washed away into the abyss. 
I feel God’s power there, and stand in awe of His sheer greatness. 
I feel so small, like a speck when I look out over the horizon, which seems without end.  Yet, I also feel God reaching right to my heart, as if He sees only me.
Today, I found myself with a typical sickness.  The kind that took me from my bed, as far as the couch.  I’m quite certain that the salty air would have rejuvenated my spirit and body, but, alas, I couldn’t quite muster the energy to go anywhere. 
Not today, but soon, I want to find a solitary place, where the waves call and echo.  Where the breeze will kiss my cheeks.  Where I can find simplicity.
For today, this image will do.    

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